Who i am?

Hi, i am André

For long time i lived in Czech Republic (thats in central Europe). I moved to many cities and tried many works and many i liked. Most important cities for me is Prague, Brno and Česká Třebová. I do not counting small villages where i lived but only this cities is stuck in my heart.  From time i goes to legal work i worked for small business at my city and moved to international concerns like Doutche Telekom (T-Mobile Czech Republic) and Vodafone CZ. Best focus for me is customer services and support, i done it for 8 year, after that time i tried own business, i operated small café at train station. When i am closed i moved to Prague. About first one year i worked at railways and after that i started to work for Starbucks (Amrest coffee s.r.o. is joint venture company with Starbucks UK) at Prague airport. I wanted work only for few months to get work license for Amsterdam airport and go there, but my ways is changed. I worked here over for four incredible years. About this work you can soon read at by blog.