Donate me

Please if you like me or things what i do, you can donate me easily by card via PayPal or by Bitcoin

You can send me money via your bank, accounts available in Czech republic and United Kingdom

Czech republic
CZK: 1096199038/3030 
IBAN:CZ59 3030 000 0010 9619 9038 

United Kingdom
GBP Only Sort Code:23-69-72 
Account number:0341755

IBAN: EE04 7700 7710 0166 0150 

What amount is good? I dont care its on you 
but think about services on paypal cost 
min 0,5 USD (10CZK) 

Everything more than 1 USD is good

Donate me in CZK by PayPal or Credit / Debit card
Donate me in USD by PayPal or Credit / Debit card



What amount is good? I dont care, its on you!
Be safe with miner fee, do not set 0 satoshi
but 16-61/byte satoshi is good for miners
i dont need transaction confirmed in minute