Photography is my one of best hobbies. I taking photos many years ago from my childhood. I started on classic cheap 35mm film camera, then I used old Russian Zenith mirror camera and films with photos pressed at my home in bathroom. Still I like smell of chemicals used in it. When I starts study at hight school I had some digital cameras. My first touch with digital camera was at my summer camp around year 2000. I fall in love with it. Unfortunately it was very expensive to me and I remember only that camera has awesome resolution 640×480 pixels, that’s been hiend camera. At my Hi school I’ve been used Samsung digimax camera and some cheap noname camera. By next time I bought Panasonic DMC-FZ4 system ultra-zoom camera and starts my publishing to Flickr service. I took more than 26 952 photos by this camera. Now I using Sony NEX-5 mirrorless system camera with 18-55mm and 110-220mm lens. Still publishing to Flickr and for my photos using mobile phone Huawei P8 , photos you can find on my Instagram and Facebook too.