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Who i am?

Hi, i am André

For long time i lived in Czech Republic (thats in central Europe). I moved to many cities and tried many works and many i liked. Most important cities for me is Prague, Brno and Česká Třebová. I do not counting small villages where i lived but only this cities is stuck in my heart.  From time i goes to legal work i worked for small business at my city and moved to international concerns like Doutche Telekom (T-Mobile Czech Republic) and Vodafone CZ. Best focus for me is customer services and support, i done it for 8 year, after that time i tried own business, i operated small café at train station. When i am closed i moved to Prague. About first one year i worked at railways and after that i started to work for Starbucks (Amrest coffee s.r.o. is joint venture company with Starbucks UK) at Prague airport. I wanted work only for few months to get work license for Amsterdam airport and go there, but my ways is changed. I worked here over for four incredible years. About this work you can soon read at by blog.


Photography is my one of best hobbies. I taking photos many years ago from my childhood. I started on classic cheap 35mm film camera, then I used old Russian Zenith mirror camera and films with photos pressed at my home in bathroom. Still I like smell of chemicals used in it. When I starts study at hight school I had some digital cameras. My first touch with digital camera was at my summer camp around year 2000. I fall in love with it. Unfortunately it was very expensive to me and I remember only that camera has awesome resolution 640×480 pixels, that’s been hiend camera. At my Hi school I’ve been used Samsung digimax camera and some cheap noname camera. By next time I bought Panasonic DMC-FZ4 system ultra-zoom camera and starts my publishing to Flickr service. I took more than 26 952 photos by this camera. Now I using Sony NEX-5 mirrorless system camera with 18-55mm and 110-220mm lens. Still publishing to Flickr and for my photos using mobile phone Huawei P8 , photos you can find on my Instagram and Facebook too.



What about cycling? Yessssss!

I like cycling very much and I cycle Everytime I can. I learned cycling in my childhood in Prague many years ago. From that time I had long scar on my had where I had an accident on bike and my long bike journey started. Used bike like ordinary kid. Few MTB races . I’m not cycled very much in time when I was at high School, my body is changed and after few years of work for telecommunication company’s I started to use my bike for fitness purpose to lose weight. It’s worked by the way it’s came more things. I fall in love with distances, landscape views, community and with everything about cycling.

I cycled every day to work and from work made small trip. If I had off day I cycled all day. At Prague I cycled to airport and back (25km 19mi )

I tracking all* my cycling activities at Endomondo sports server as cycling transport, activists saved as cycling sport was few rides on road bike what I had for few days.


My main interest is travel. I want to explore everything and everywhere.  To times I made this page I traveled only at Europe. Used bike, train, boat, aircraft, hitchhiking. Trains is my best, I love Technics and everything about railways. I love architecture and want to see I world is looking it in reality. I love people and I want to to meet everyone and explore different worlds.

In Europe I’ve been in Germany, France, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Italy. Italy is my best in I’m happy every time when I have opportunity to go there again.

In next time I want to explore more. At my first steps is Middle East with Israel. Before year 2010 I didn’t know about Israel anything. When I starts to work at Prague Airport I met lot of people from Israel and love them. They started my passion to explore Israel. From Israel I want to explore United States, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica. (Yes I want to see whole Latin America from Mexico to Argentina but I haven’t travel plan for it). After Central America I want to see Canada.

By next year’s I hope for chance to go to Asia and India too.

My travel story once I hope you can find at book. Not yet, now you can read my blog (travel) and follow me on Instagram and Facebook