Meopta Flexaret VII

By me most loved TLR made in Czechoslovakia after year 1961, i have a two of them booth full version of VII

This TLR can handle two types of film and can shoot 4 different formats. Basically is built for 120 film and format 6×6, in addition of special frame and adjust gears on the side you can shoot on 6×4,5. Next film can operate is 135 with special adapter Flexkin that guides film through camera body and have special spool for winding film and “legs” for film canister. With 135 film you can shoot 24x36mm frames or you can adapt filmguide to shoot on 24x24mm square format to save film space.

I had Flexaret VI but i swapped it for Flexaret VII to have same, booth i have maintained best service man in Czech.

In addition i have almost all of accessories made for this model

  • Flexpar 1-0,5m
  • Flexpar 0.5-0.33m
  • Optical viewfinder for 24x36mm
  • Sun hood
  • color filters
  • special filter for star effect
  • Flexkin with all options for 645 and 24×24 frames

On my flickr here you can view all my public photos made by Flexaret VII